Volunteer Benefits with Read2Succeed & AARP Foundation Experience Corps


Over 60 million people in America volunteer their time or talent with an organization each year. With millions of people volunteering, the saying “It’s better to give than to receive” must be true – or else this number wouldn’t be so high. But, what is it about volunteering that makes so many people want to continue volunteering year after year?

Join the movement! Volunteer today with Read United.

Volunteering with Read United’s tutoring programs undoubtedly impacts the children involved exponentially. However, the children are not the only ones who reap the benefits. It’s been discovered that volunteers also benefit in many ways including professionally, socially, and physically.

Professionally: Being a Volunteer Can Help Your Career

Employers love reviewing a full résumé – one with experience in the desired field but also experience that extends further. When an employer sees that you volunteer your free time to help others, it shows your character. Additionally, volunteering shows your potential employer that you have practiced important skills such as working in a group, communication, organization, problem solving, and more.

Socially: Volunteering Connects You

Because most volunteering takes place in a group setting, you are able to connect to other people that are like-minded. You may find a dear friend or even new opportunities because of volunteering. It’s also a great way to get family and friends involved who may not know how to give back to their community or need the comfort of knowing someone who is also volunteering.

Physically: Volunteering is Healthy For You

In addition to the professional and social aspects of volunteering, it’s also good for your health. Because volunteering keeps you in contact with others, it fights the feelings of loneliness or depression. It gives you a sense of purpose and self-confidence. Studies have shown that those who volunteer live longer than those who don’t volunteer!

Are you ready for the professional, social, and physical benefits of volunteering? Get started today with Read United!