Macon Native Virginia Gallemore Gives Back Through Years of Volunteering

volunteerVirginia Gallemore’s passion for helping the upcoming generation flows through her veins like the Ocmulgee River flows through Macon. As a Macon native, Virginia has seen generations of children pass through the city schools and has personally helped many of those students find their way to success. How does she do this? She teams with Read United and her sorority, Macon Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., to volunteer with one child at a time!

Virginia’s sorority, consisting of a group of women passionate about helping the upcoming generation, adopted L. H. Williams Elementary School. Virginia and her friends help the school and the students any way they can – including tutoring young students to improve their literacy.

Will you be part of the change that truly matters? Volunteer with Read United!

Virginia has volunteered with Read United since Fall 2015, and every year her tutoring sessions look a little different. A few years ago, she had group tutoring sessions with four older elementary students. This current semester, she has one-on-one tutoring sessions on Tuesdays with a first grade boy.

Excitingly, this past spring has been one of the most rewarding seasons, yet! Virginia’s dedication to the boy and tutoring in general were the recipe for success:

“He had great comprehension skills,” said Virginia. “We started off the semester with me reading stories to him. But midway through the semester, he started reading stories to me. He would select the books he wanted to read and they were long books (roughly 40 pages)! His confidence and reading ability grew together.”

Along with many of the women in her sorority, Virginia saw improvement with her first grade student as each week passed. She said:

“After the first assessment, I realized his numbers and word recognition were very low. By the last assessment, he was able to recognize 85% of the words – a huge improvement! It was fulfilling to me, and I was excited for him!”

Read United is giving groups of people and individuals alike an opportunity to reach students as early as possible. With your help, students can master reading and continue their education in confidence. If you’re like Virginia and her sorority, you’ll be hooked on helping these wonderful kids.

If you’re over the age of 50 and have at least four hours of volunteer time available each week, consider volunteering with Experience Corps! If you’re over the age of 18 and have at least one hour of volunteer time available each week, explore Read2Succeed!

No matter what program you choose, your selfless volunteer time will make a world of difference to the Macon community. Learn more!